Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 7: Lunch

After all the shopping, Brian(Avenue Plaza concierge and tour guide) took us to a restaurant called Waways. 
We  took up about a quarter of their spacious restaurant!
This restaurant is clean with a variety of Filipino dishes to choose from, ready and waiting to serve!
(I'm sorry about the picture quality.  It was a little dark at the back area and I had to use my flash.  Everything appeared yellowish so I tried to retouch it to show the food as close to their true colors)

As you can see, alot of their ready made foods are the very native.  You can also order other dishes through their menu.  My American children ordered their sizzling chicken and it was delicious!   Be prepared for the rather long wait for your order though.
They served us a fishy broth as an appetizer and it was delish!
This is the famous Bicol Express.  Do you see the green and red?  Those are not regular vegetables!  those are ALL hot sili peppers!  According to my husband, it was appropriately named.  =o) 
My husband who LOVES spicy dishes was in heaven especially with the San Miguel to accompany it!  Notice his empty plate?
I recommend this restaurant for their cleanliness and their great food.  The customer service wasn't that great and it seemed that the many servers they had were just gathered in a group.  I dont know if it was a language barrier.  But the food certainly speaks for itself.  Props to the cook!!

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