Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank you.... from the bottom of my heart...

This month started out with my birthday and was followed soon after by a scheduled surgery. Recuperation was good until last week when I had to be brought into the ER. The hospital staff was already waiting for me there and my wonderful surgeon kept calling enroute. When I closed my eyes thursday morning, I didnt realize that when I consciously opened them on friday afternoon that I had almost died. It is just yesterday, for the first time, that I heard everything that happened. 
There are so many people that I owe my life to... all of those caregivers in the hospital, a very caring doctor, to all of the people that donated their blood.  Because of you I am again able to live.  
But there are those handful that if they were not there, I would not have pulled through. To my most wonderful Dad, who was there faster than any ambulance, who drove me to the ER and who left me only to take care of my babies.  My dear husband for being forced to make all of those difficult medical decisions and for being a source of strength.  For my mom who kept vigil every night at the hospital and who is still nursing me back to good health at home.  But most of all to my dearest and best friend Em.  For all her love, time and care.  Who never left my side and who moved mountains. 
I truly thank you all.... for my life....and to the heavenly Father, for a second chance.


  1. Ellen, you are one of the most amazing people I have come across. I am so relieved you are ok, I hope your healing goes smoothly! Holla at me if ya ever feel like getting pestered by me. Maybe I will even bring my cat!

  2. so beyond glad that you're okay.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your health issues, you're in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like you're in very good hands, hoping for a smooth recovery for you.

  4. Praying for you Ellen! Stay strong and keep your head up :) Hope you feel better soon!