Sunday, September 9, 2012

Travelling Team

I'm at home for the weekend and its nice to be lying on my own bed and having familiar things around me.  Most of all, it's great to have great internet access!  I've missed the blogging world and have tried to keep up as much as I can on my phone but those teeny pictures just aggravate me!  =o(
S2 was one of the youngest boys chosen in the spring to be on the travelling team in soccer for this fall.  At 8 years old, his Daddy was pretty proud... although he did turn 9 over the summer.  At any rate, he is still in the U10 league and so there is some room to boast!  ;oP  His first travelling game was yesterday and they drove 2 hours to Jacksonville to play.  The ending score was a tie 1-1. 
Here he was with some of his best fans right before leaving for the trip!

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