Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So I am supposedly on the mend but I feel otherwise.  I was just telling my kids yesterday that I felt like someone was trying to pry open inside sutures and pull out my belly button.  I am TIRED of feeling bad.  It really has only been 2 weeks since my second surgery so I shouldnt complain but it has been 4 weeks since my first so it sucks, really sucks that my mobility is still so darn limited....and heaven forbid if I lift anything up heavier than an apple!  ugh!  Anyway, I've been catching up on my blog reads and they are to be blamed for my extra restlessness.  Such great ideas and inspiration!

One of my favorite blogs is Pam's at Simple Details.  She just re-did her son's room and look at her before and after!  I mean, really LOOK at the after!  NICE!!  She just inspired me to cover S2's box spring.... whenever I can finally do that!...I'm restless, I tell ya!
Then there's Ashley from Film in the Fridge.  Everytime I look at her completed work, I'm itching to run up to my sewing studio and whip up something as fast as she does.... NOT!  I do not know how she can whip up all these beautiful quilts in such a short time....and her fabric and quilt designs are enticing....  I'm restless, I tell ya!
Lastly, I drool at the outfits in Seersucker + Saddles.  I love all her casual pairings with jeans!  Really wish that I can get up and go somewhere and dress up some...  {SIGH!}
Have a great Tuesday!  Hope your day is filled with inspiration! 

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  1. Ellen, thank you so much for sharing my son's room redo! What a nice surprise. I'm sorry to hear things aren't progressing as quickly as you'd like, rest and take good care of yourself!