Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shabby Chic Birthday

A friend posted her daughter's Shabby Chic birthday pictures on facebook and I just had to blog about it!
With her permission (thanks NWB!) I am sharing her/their creation with you!

It was a night time party and they decorated their outdoor pool area with paper lanterns, lots of white twinkling lights and lots of pale pastels.  It's oh so chic, isn't it?
 Because of the slightly chilly weather, they had a hot choocolate and smore station to have by the fireside.
But this is not all!  Inside the house they continued the theme with lots of pastel colored fresh flowers and accompanied by balloons.  Doesnt it look dreamy?
They had pretty muffins in a tiered server that looked real yummy!
M's beautiful cake didn't look so shabby either!
and the giveaway treats finished it all off....
Isn't it ALL so fantastic? 
I think that they did an absolutely terrific job!
I dont think that I'll be alone in saying that this party is more chic than shabby!!
What do YOU think?
(Thanks again to NWB for allowing me to post her pics and blog about it!)  =o)

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