Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gingerbread Cottages

Somewhere in the K forest .... there were two little carpenters who wanted to build a couple of cottages to nestle amongst the trees.
They were very particular on how it was to be built, making sure that everything was from scratch.  
They commissioned the help of their Grandma and Jaja and the construction started.  They had fun learning how to separate the eggs...
...and made sure that everything was just right in building the walls and roof.  As they waited for the structure to bake, they made batches and batches of cookies.
They made thumbprint ones with jelly (Lola's favorite), Gingerbread (their favorite), plenty of sugar cookies with icing and helped Grandma make some Seven layer ones (everyone's fave!)
They even made chocolate covered strawberries!  YUM!
When the cottage walls and roofs were done baking then the fun really started!
So many gumdrops and M&Ms and icing and peppermints were used.
This is how the cottages looked....  before S2's cottage collapsed!  =o(
I really loved where he was going with the snow capped roof....=o(
But alas...  at least we have a picture... 
But Grandma came to the rescue...and bought him a kit. 
...and he started again...
but this time the roof and walls were already built. 
And when all was said and done...and the cottages were transported all the way to the K Manor to nestle amongst the K forest, this is how it looked.  =o)

Hoped your Christmas was full of wonder and blessings
 and the time with your loved ones priceless.

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  1. Playful kids but very serious in their work. Wish all kids are like them, always doing productive activities.