Sunday, January 13, 2013

By the Garden Gate

Well, let's imagine that her door is the gate, shall we?
Right by her gate is an out of the way picture window that is fixed~doesn't open.
 The only real purpose of the window is to let in some light
 and hang the Christmas star during Christmas time.
(The star looks beautiful from the outside high up by the rooftop!) 
However, this window has a wonderful ledge and of course, 
the perfect setting for T's plants.
I told her that she can have this window since it's in her wing of the upstairs.
Since the ledge is narrow, and can only fit little pots, 
we decided that her ledge will be for baby plants.
She will nurse and care for them and when they are grown,
can be moved to other parts of the house and make room for some more babies.  =o)
Remember her garden sign? it's staked at her ledge.  
She's slowly bringing her ledge to life....stay tuned!  =o)  

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