Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Enchanted Garden

In the heart of Historic Micanopy, here in Florida, there is the most wonderful little store called The Shop. 
It is my most favorite store and I try to get over there as often as I can and most especially around the holidays. 
(photo taken last year)
As soon as you walk in, you are overwhelmed by everything.
 Almost every customer that walks in will ask if they can take pictures in the shop. 
It really is a beautiful and magical place!
At this visit, I went with T and she totally got lost in the store.  
I found her in one of the rooms that had a garden theme.
After watching her for a little bit, I interrupted her thoughts and asked her if she found anything that she liked.
She turned around and said "Mommy, I want a garden."
After a quick thought, I replied, "Why not make your room a garden theme?"
She loved the idea!...and after much thought decided and bought  the one thing that has become the center of her room's design concept.
Stay tuned for future posts and watch as her garden grows! =o)
Happy 2013 to all of you. 
Hope your every day of this year is filled with the beauty of life, peace, the abundance of love and the enchantment of dreams coming true.
Thank you for stopping by this past year to share in the things that I love and to see the things that inspires me from my little corner of the world. 
I hope that I was able to inspire you, too...


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