Sunday, January 20, 2013

Craft Travel Bag

I have many craft travel bags that I take with me on my trips.  
Each travel bag is a different craft and depending on my mood 
is the craft that I take with me.
I hate to go somewhere and find myself just sitting there wasting my time 
so I always make sure that I bring my to-go craft bags.   
These bags are large tote bags filled and ready to go 
with the different supplies needed to make something.
I have a knitting bag, a crochet bag, an applique bag, 
a latch hook bag and a couple of jewelry making bags.
For this trip to Orlando I took one of my jewelry making bags.
There are quite a few pinterest to-do's that I have been wanting to try 
and this was the best weekend for it.
I ended up making a dozen bracelets.
2 of them that I gave away are similar to these ones that I'm putting in my Etsy.
I gave a red one to my niece, a fuschia one that T grabbed...
...and this orange and blue one upcycled from some tshirt knits!
(Thank you Tita Toot for modeling for me!)
I really had fun making these bracelets...and am excited that the orange and blue knit experiment worked out!  You will be seeing more of these in my Etsy soon!
It's been a while since I've put jewelry in the shop.
Here are some of them on T. 
What do you guys think?  

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