Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Gardening of the Year

T has really gotten into gardening. 
When I came home from work on Wednesday (their last day before classes started) the first thing she told me was to follow her outside so that she can show me her garden that she planted with Grandma.
She is so proud of it!  She waters it every day and looks at it several times a day.  She notices every little change to the petals or the leaves.  
Today she put the wood around it to give it a pretty  border.  
This is on the north side of the azaleas that border our firepit.
Yesterday, we planted the pagoda roots that Mom K had dug up from her yard.  We put it on the west side of the azaleas and again T put her wood border.
I love these large pagoda plants and can't wait for them to grow and bloom!  I was supposed to buy mulch for T to lay over in these boxed areas but I went to the store and bought everything but the mulch!  =oP
Taking advantage of the beautiful weather we spent alot of time gardening and T was happy to see a yellow butterfly visit her little garden!
I myself am enjoying how the yard is starting to fill up.
I just love my camelia bush and check out these large blooms!
Finally, T decided to seed some vegetables that we will keep in containers instead of planting in the ground.  
We were finally able to recycle some of the old coffee filters that I've been throwing in one of the empty flower pots!
I think that they are perfect for lining in the bottom of planting containers to keep the soil from escaping through the water holes and yet still allow for water to seep through!  
Once the seeds have grown and it's time to plant, its easy to take out of the containers and plant~paper and all!  
In these pots, T seeded cucumbers, beans, lettuce and basil.
I'm so glad that she likes to plant and garden! =o)

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