Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grandma's Bookshelf

It's been a while since I've posted about my home... or anything in my home.
And since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought that a post about this particular furniture is apropos.
This is Grandma's Bookshelf.,,and it is a shelf displaying love.
It sits in its own little place by the entrance of our home.
It was passed down to the hubby from his Grandmother.
Almost everything on this piece of furniture is a special memento.
These are our grandparents.  S1 is the one on the right with his grandma in blue.  She is also the one from whom the shelf came.  If you look closely, you can see that S1's hair is ridiculously thick and long then!  ;o)  I have the picture of my grandfather somewhere, I just haven't had a chance to frame it yet.
All the books behind the pictures are also from Grandma. 
Some of them are over 100 years old and all are leather bound.  All Harvard Classics! 
The white box hidden behind grandma's picture are the twins baptism candles. 
I want to display them properly but with kids and dogs, I'm afraid that they'll end up broken. 
So for now they sit there.
This is a letter and rosary made by my sister and given to me when she got married.
I dont consider myself a very religious person but I do respect cultures and traditions and I am quite sentimental about heirlooms.   I'd like to hope that alot of things that I cherish and keep and pass down to my children will also be as cherished and live on.
These bibles are also leather bound antiques, with very yellowed pages and beautifully detailed illustrations.  The small white bottle is filled with holy water from Lourdes, given to me by my best friend, EL. 
 It sits on one of the old saucers handed down to me by my mom and along with another rosary made by my sister and given to T for being a flower girl in her wedding.
The white heart shaped box contains the gold ribbon that held my engagement ring that was tied around Roxy's neck (hubby's dog then) when hubby asked me to marry him.
The big black book is our wedding album.
When we moved into our house, one of my first purchases for our home is this leather signing book. 
Every single person that has come to stay in our home has signed it. 
It is full of wonderful and joyous words and memories. 
 I am still looking for an old inkstand and quill pen.  I think that they would complete the vignette.
As you can see, this barrister's bookcase is really a secretary too.  It's a wonderful piece of furniture!
Almost hidden at the bottom are more of Grandma's leather books and the only picture of Mom and Dad K at their wedding.  It also has our engagement picture and then our wedding picture with our favorite priest, Father Tim! 
Lastly, is this little guy made from brass with a beautiful etched design.  This bird was the last addition.  It was won by Mom K at a family Kris Kringle game from Aunt S.  Aunt S hated it! 
I, loving its originality and detailed artistry was glad to have it.
I think of Aunt S everytime I see it and smile as I remember what Mom K said were her comments when she told her that I would like it.  And since she is after all one of our wedding godparents, she too deserves a special place...even if it's through the bird she so hates!  LOL! 

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