Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was a secret meeting upstairs in my sewing studio while their Daddy was downstairs with the men folk.
What to do?  What to do?  What can we give Daddy for Valentine's day?
Well....  Daddy LOVES loquats and our loquat trees are abloom!
So this is what we came up with...
We started with a paper plate and a brown paper bag.
We put the paper plate in the bag and hot glue gunned it all over the place. 
We needed the plate to give us the support for the loquats.
 We then took pine needles and hot glue gunned them onto the plate.
I gave them the wood sticks to help push the pine needles down onto the plate so that they dont burn themselves with the hot glue.  (That's S2's foot you see!  ;oP)
When that was done, S2 wrote the message in black marker and T decorated it with red hearts.
Then they put cut out pictures of each of us in the nest. =o)

 ...and here is the finished product with the doggies and the loquats!
It was what greeted their Daddy this morning.  =o)
I got a potted (and living ;oP) flower bouquet and the kiddies got Valentine cupcakes.
It was a hurried but great Vday morning! 
Hope everyone had as great of a start to their morning today!
Happy Valentine's Day!! 

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