Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tashi's Treats

Hello Everyone! 
If you ask anyone that knows my daughter, they would tell you that it is very rare that she asks for anything.  She is always that difficult kid during Christmastime that we end up buying last minute presents for or things that she "needs" instead of what she "wants" because she has the Christmas lists like:  I want peace for the world, or cures for my fears, or health for my loved ones.
She tells everyone that I inspire her but if anybody inspires anyone, it is her that inspires me. 
Well, this time, there is something that she wants. 
 Because of her love for animals, especially dogs, she has started a project and is so hopeful for it to succeed.   I encouraged her to start a blog as a means of getting her message out.  She has also just opened her own Etsy shop (here) and her Grand Opening was last night! 
After we hit the "open shop" button last night, I looked at her and asked her if she really thinks that people will buy her hearts.  She looked at me without any doubts and said, "Of course, Mommy!  Why would anyone not want to show love?!"
So for all my readers out there, please help share her blog and her Etsy shop and if you can help in any way, I am very grateful.

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