Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekend

...went by utterly too fast.  =o(  Friday night was spent helping T with her project and trying to squeeze in some sewing for me too.  I embroidered one of the names wrong in the purple and teal stoles and was stressing about it since they ran out of purple satin fabric at my local Joanne's and I was worried that it was not going to come in on time.  But it came in and I bought the whole dang bolt! 
I joined a gym like I told you all and I woke up early... I mean EARLY on saturday and was there huffing and puffing on the elliptical.  I think I did pretty good for my first day but I wont tell you how long I was on there for.  On the way to the gym though I saw alot of yard sale signs and of course, I had to stop by!  I bought a super duper old hand drill! 
Arent they beautiful?!...and there were two of them!  You know how I love pairs!  =o)  The guy that I bought it from said that it was his dad's, who was a carpenter by trade.  He gave it to me for $1 each!  This one on Etsy is priced at $94.00!!
When I got home guess what Dad K was pulling out of the car?!
It's back!!  =o)

I then drove T all over the place for her project. 
Then we went to see S2 play late in the afternoon. 
They won the game 6-0.  S2 scored only 1 of the goals but the coach only gave him very little air time.
I dont have a picture but I do have a video thanks to hubby.

Sunday came and went with church in the AM, Home Depot run for soil before the work picnic.
  Dad K is always on it with his tomato plants for T.
He and Mom K delivered them about 3 weeks ago. 
But they had overgrown their seedling pots and it was time to repot them.
Unfortunately I cant put them in ground because of the dogs and if I put them outside the dog run the deer will get them... 
I repotted as much as I had pots for and lined them up along the dog run fence.
My muscles ache and I am tired.
Can't believe it's back to work tomorrow....  =o( 

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