Friday, April 12, 2013

What Makes It All Worth It

Today started rather bad with being so tired from insomnia.
To make it even worse, the day was full of meetings that was at different parts of campus 
including one that I had to leave my prime parking spot for and drive to.
Not pleasant.
The second to the last meeting was with my Operations team and which I had to breeze through before my final meeting of the day.  Which just happened to be with my boss...
Who schedules meetings at 4PM on a friday anyways?!  O_O
Well as I was rushing to move my van to a place where I wont get a ticket, all 6 of my staff came running up to me.
They gave me presents!!  
(Ignore the fake purple leopard skin seat cover that is hubby's idea, the messy van, and the wad of tissues on the floor) 
Besides my awesome card, this is what I got!
All of them signed their name.  =o)
..and thanked ME!  When it is I that should be thanking THEM!
It is times like this which remind me WHY I do what I do.
...and what makes it even more special?  Do you recognize the heart?  
They're from Tashi's Treats!!!  The heart was a wonderful present, but purchasing it from Tashi's Treats (here), also meant that it helped a great cause!
Thank you Spring 2013 Operations Team.
This meant alot.
....and I sincerely appreciate each of you!

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