Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Weekend at the Beach

We arrived there just when the sun was setting....
ahhh.... who can ever get tired of watching sunsets?  Just amazingly beautiful!
And what is it about the sound of the waves hitting the shore?
It beckons you... no matter how tired and lazy you feel.
I wake up early and hurry out to have the beach to myself.
And to share it only with the birds...
I love the solitude, the sounds and the peacefulness.
 I see creatures that met their doom as the waves left them on the sand.
...and marvel at them... and envision how they look alive in their world.
I walk along the "milky way of shells" as I call it...
...and look for seaside treasures.
T joins me in the search and I cherish our girl time together.
But all too soon, the people start to arrive...
and the sun rises higher.
and the calmness of the place is disturbed...
well, what can we do?
But just enjoy it!


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