Friday, June 7, 2013

Whine Whine Whine

No, this is not a soca, Caribbean post. 
...and I am not singing... I don't sing... you don't want me to sing...  I am whining...
No, this is not the Caribbean, this is in Palawan, P.I.
I am a blogger.  Which means, I HAVE TO read other blogs...
How else am I gonna know what others are blogging about?
But let me tell you how upset I get EVERY TIME!
I look at a blog, like it so much that I scroll all the way to their start and that's where BAM!
I see that they started a year or so AFTER I started...
then I look at their followers and they have something like in the thousands...
Do you know how many I have?!  22!
Like what the heck am I doing wrong?!!??
..and I ask people to comment.. and there are no comments.  NADA!
...and to make it worse, I work at a university..
and have MANY students...
Will I ever get this blog going?
Front landscaping.  Pretty huh?
Okay, so enough with the whining. 
 I am excited that I finally finished my Healing Quilt (click here).
I have an appointment with them early next week to give it to them and I am excited!  I hope they like it!
Sooooo....  with that done, I went into my studio to try and find the UFO that I had started more than a year ago...  UGH!
...and I looked all over my blog to try and see if I had posted an earlier pic of the beginnings of it.
But I could not find any.
Soooo...  I had been stuck on that quilt FOREVER!
The quilt is another wedding quilt for one of my "kiddies". 
 (That's what I call one of my students that is more than just your ordinary student).
I mean, how can you not become close to them when they come to you for advise and call you their second mom, huh?
I was in a roll with making a quilt when she tells me that her colors are light teals and tan and birds.
And their wedding theme had pandas..
Is she SERIOUS?!?
Well, if you are reading this, I have not forgotten you...
and maybe it's a blessing that I can't find the other UFO.
(yes, my studio is THAT messy!)
Because I have a new vision of how I want to make this one this time around.
Do you see the pandas?  Do you see the birds? Do you see the bamboos?
...and yes, you will get a monogram too!!!! 
Stay tuned...and sorry it's so late!!  ;oP

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