Thursday, June 20, 2013

First Conference and Future Plans

I am sooo excited to be attending the Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference  in Orlando!!!
It's not until September but I wanted to make sure I got tickets.
I have just registered for it and have already planned my schedule out!

I also have decided on which track I want to go for a master degree with the hubby's help.
I had put things on hold when Daddy got sick but I think I am now ready to go back to the swing of things especially since the university has their new online grad program happening soon.
I will let you know more after I talk with the grad advisor so cross your fingers for me!
Who would have thought that I would be soooo excited about school?! :)



  1. DASSIT! I see you doing your thang! Get it!

  2. What! This looks awesome!!! What grad program are you looking into? How exciting! I've put my blog on hold and am in the process of learning Wordpress and I plan on switching over soon. So much more flexibility and ways to expand your blog. You'd love it once you start it!

    I have so much to update you on Ellen! Miss you! :)