Sunday, June 23, 2013

June Wish List and Saturday Finds

Soooo....  I WANT one of these BADLY!
Thanks to DadK, the miter saw and the table saw are crossed off my wish list!  =o)
So hopefully, I'll see this camera sooner... (yea, right!)

In the meanwhile, gotta keep crankin on stuff. 
I haven't put anything in my Etsy just because there's sooo much to do.
But I'm at a plateau right now that I am overwhelmed and therefore am not accomplishing much.
...and there's the mulching that is never ending...  Ugh!

But of course, there's always time for my Saturday morning jaunts!  =o)
I've  hit a real great deal on some vintage items that I will be putting in my shop soon.
 I scored a dozen or so vintage doilies in different sizes. 
Majority of them being circular but all of them having wonderful crocheted design.
One of them is dyed in a very pale pink.
 I don't know if I should leave them as is or dye them in the pale hues that the romantics love.
I think they look wonderful displayed with some silver.

I also bought 3 antique books written in German.  

The lettering in the books look wonderful!
I don't know German so I hope that this page is okay to post!

I have also been wanting to try my hand in furniture painting but have been too intimidated.
I scored 3 children's chairs and I think that they are the perfect furniture to start!
Hope your Saturday was as bountiful!

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