Friday, October 25, 2013

...And Let There be Light!

We waited and waited to find the right chandelier to go with the ceiling medallion...

...and the right one to go with the wall sconces...

...and the right one to go with the hutch.

and I never found it because I wanted crystal.
But crystal really doesn't go with the d├ęcor or anything else in there, if you really think about it.
But I so wanted to keep the manor thing going...
and we use the room a lot (for everything else but eating as it should be used for).
But the hubby has his nerd night every Wednesday gaming with the boys..
and I use it on weekends with my cutting and sewing.
...and the kids also do their homework here.
So we just had to have light.
And finally I gave in and got one.

The hubs put it in yesterday.
And I don't think it looks too bad...
What do you think?