Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Daybed...It's Never Too Late.

I have a cousin-in-law....and she's amazing.
...not just as a person ;)....but the woman has mad skills!
...and I dont think she really knows this...

As I was reading my FB newsfeed, I saw this...
(Handmade furniture by ADA)

I went...whoa!...  and had to ask her if she seriously made it...
I then quickly told her that she had to blog about it...
and because she said she didn't have the time for it, I asked if I could!
....and she said yes!  ;)
Now keep in mind that this is designed and hand made by her alone.

She didnt take before pictures... so this is all I have.
The piece has since been bought.. and for pennies, I have to say...
But she has promised me that she will document her creations more
and I get to blog it!  ;)

They used to live here, in my same city and has since moved closer to her parents up north.
And I regret that we didnt get to spend time to get to know each other when they did live in town...
But I am glad that we are getting the chance to get reacquainted some...
even if it is mostly through facebook messaging.

And even if our communication is through pictures and facebook messaging,
I'm happy that I'm getting to know such a creative and terrific person!
...and as the saying goes... It's Never too late!  ;)

...and stay tuned for more spotlight posts on her and her funiture!
(...and until she tells me different, I'll call it ADA Creations ;o))


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    1. Hi... your link is not taking me to a good website. According to google, the size round table for 10-12 people would be at least 108" to sit comfortably. In my experience with event planning, unless you want constant passing around of food, a lazy susan would be best for such a large table.