Friday, November 22, 2013

Help name Mei Xiang's baby!!

So in my last post (here), I told you some of the reasons why my blogging has taken a back seat.
But do you know the real reason?
It is the darn Panda cam!

I ALWAYS have it on at work, at home, on my phone, on my tablet...
I'm addicted!  O_O
C'mon...  Look at this face!
This is Mei...the Momma.  ;)

She is soooo adorable when she holds and plays with her little baby.
Although the baby is not so little anymore....
Check her out here as she takes her first steps!

Voting for her name is going on right now until today!
In China, as in other various parts of the world, they have a naming ceremony on their 100th day.
So make sure to vote here!
They will announce the name on December 1st!  ;)

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