Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I've Commited a A No-No

Yes, I did a blogger no-no... it's been a whole week since I posted...
But hey, it's not like I've got a ridiculous amount of followers that would wonder where I am anyways....
But really, if I had my way, all I'd want to do is wake up when I want to, make coffee, sit in a comfy chair and read the latest postings on the blogs that I follow...(while drinking my coffee, of course).
BUT...  life is not fair...and I am one of the millions that HAVE to go to work and well,.... things get busy.
Sooooo during these times, the blogging just has to wait.

But I need my creative time.... so like most DIYers (they're lying if they tell you otherwise),
I try to squeeze whatever project I can squeeze in the limited time.
 And I have many projects that I've started...  But they're unfinished.

Because you know, we are good at multi-tasking and we will get to it.
That's the plan. least that's what we say.   ;-)  Well, we do.  Eventually.

So there are a couple of my UFOs and now it sucks that I have to disguise them somehow to look like they're all done and preetty (no, that wasn't a typo) since I've got a ga-jillion people coming to visit for the holidays.   And I'm in a panic stage to clean up my mess.
Thank goodness for holiday decor!
They're good at covering up....

Just don't open any closets!


  1. UFOs for UnFinished Objects?? ;-) Cute. What you said is true. I usually try to get something done, then leave it to dry and then do other stuff (work, chores, etc.) We are more productive and have more fun that way.

    1. Yea... but the hubs drives me crazy with his complaining... says there's too much crap around the house. But then he likes it when its all done. O_O