Monday, November 25, 2013

Kitchen Island

On my first ever post about K Manor (here) I told you that I designed and drew it.  
But hubby had the major say on the kitchen.
He had to have the commercial appliances.
....and knowing that we love to entertain alot, knew we wanted an island counter.
....a very big island counter.
It is approximately 7'x7'x8' although not completely triangular.
It's got a vegetable sink across from the refrigerator.
This counter is where we serve all the food... buffet style.
Because we have never, ever ever, had less than 2 dozen people over.  Ever.
This year we have 39.  At least that's the count for now.

I think the island counter is one of the best features in the house.
It certainly is very useful at every occasion.

This year I am too lazy to do much decorating since I am anxious to decorate for Christmas.
So I took a wreath,

some eucalyptus stems,

 one of them super gigantic martini glass that I had lying around.

and the basket of of orangey/fallish vegetables from last year.

I took the wreath and put the martini glass on center. 

I put the basket on top.

Then I stuck the eucalyptus stems all around the wreath.

And voila!  Instant center decor.
The martini glass gives the basket a good height for a great focal point.

Now the counter is ready for the food!  ;)


  1. I love that you used that super super martini glass! Cute and simple!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Ashley @ 3littlegreenwoods

    1. Thanks Ashley!...and the hubs tells me that I collect junk... it's not junk if it can be re-used, right? ;oP

  2. Oh I love your impromptu decoration! The martini glass is such a creative touch! I bet all your 39 guests will swarm around the big kitchen island and will take the time to admire it. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Meeha Meeha! One family didnt show up and so it was a little smaller but there was still alot of love and laughter and PLENTY of good food! ;) Hope your day went well too! ;)