Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Waiting for My Village

A good friend of mine sent me a message and in the end, she jokingly states that I am feeding a village for Thanksgiving.   After the power went out last night and we spent the better part of a good hour in oil lamps, her comment made me smile.  You see, last night's black out with the smell of the oil burning from the lamps, brought me back to my childhood visiting my Lola's (Grandma) house in the province.
I remember having to light up the lamps as darkness came.
  Because then, there was still no electricity in the provinces.

During the holidays, and on Christmas Eve in particular, my Lola would throw a HUGE party for Noche Buena and pretty much everyone from the village came to celebrate.  I remember the house and property surrounding it having so many guests with lots and lots of food.  I remember playing by the stairs near the Christmas tree being overwhelmed by it all.  

And last summer when I visited the house for the first time in decades, the memories were all there.
The house, stood regal but to me, it was quiet and sad.

You see, I believe that old houses have spirits.
 No, not the houses themselves but spirits of the life that used to live in them.
That's why despite my curiosity to explore the house and having the expectancy of maybe seeing ghosts; that did never happen.  Despite being awake and all alone downstairs in the wee hours before the rooster crowed, I was at peace.

Two generations later, I now have my home.
And I carry on my Lola's traditions of having a happy house.
It's a lot of work but I like it that family and friends come together.
(Waiting for the food)

....and all these village, as my friend calls them?

Is what I am most thankful for.

Hope each and every single one of you have a blessed thanksgiving full of love and happiness that surrounds you.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It looks like your guests are in for a wonderful meal...I LOVE your kitchen!

    1. Thank you Sally! Still trying to recover from the holiday week! Will post some pics of the celebration soon!... At least the food! LOL! Hope your holiday was wonderful! ;)