Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spotlight Post- ADA Designs

Remember my very talented sis-in-law I posted about (here)?
Well she did it again!
She created this wonderful West Elm knock of table herself!
.....and you wanna hear what is most amazing?
She did it FROM SCRATCH!
Seriously...  can you tell the difference?
Hers is the two on the bottom!
When I asked her how she did it, here was her reply...

ADA Designs:  the top is made with "Project Panels" from Lowes. They are already glued and sanded- saved me a lot of time. I used Alpine wood for this one. Basically i attached 2 panels (I think they were 18 x 60) together down the center with pocket holes from underneath and then cut it down to the width (30) minus 1 1/2" to account for side panel width then cut the length of the table (48") plus 7 inches. I cut a 3 1/2" 45 degree miter on each end (to get the top to 48" in length and swapped the ends so the miters would match up. I used the 3 1/2" miters so the wood panels would match up to each other and appear as thick 4x4s instead. Then I attached a 1x4 on the straight cut sides. It was so difficult to figure this out. You have to wrap this around a brace underneath so it will be strong enough- I used 2x2s so they would be hidden. I have to say this was so very difficult to figure out a plan and then to actually do it. The legs literally took me 5 hours to just figure out and assemble. It was a beast and I think I will never promise something so difficult in such a short period of time. Learned my lesson- ha!

Pam from Simple Details says there's some knock off challenge going on in the blog world and I just HAD to post this one!  Cause you really cant say that this is not talent!  I mean, come on, a knock off  from scratch?!  Just one word coming from me...
....or is that two?
c'mon....leave me (and her) a comment below....  what do you think?

P.S.  If you are in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana area and interested in her designs, shoot me an email or comment below!

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  1. Such a talent, love when a girl can use power tools, it makes the whole sisterhood look good!