Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bridging the Miles

I always look forward to the wonderful holiday cards we get in the mail every year.
Each one carefully designed by the sender.

...and most especially bringing us the most recent pictures of our good friends and loved ones from afar. 

As happy as I am to receive them, I also get so sad.
Because every year we say that the new year will be different 
and that we will make a point of seeing each other but we don't.

...and then I receive their holiday card and I see the children that have grown up 
and the friends and family that have aged along with me.
...and I missed all the precious times gone
...I missed the children's happy moments.
...and being there to share in a conversation or laughter with a friend or family far away.

And so I try any way possible to bring them closer.
And make them be a part of our holiday celebration every year.
Their pictures hang proudly on the boughs of our tree where we see them every day.
...and we hope that they are all with us in spirit.

May the joy of this wonderful season bring special warmth and happiness
to all of our friends and loved ones far away.
Know that you are thought of and cherished in every which way.
...and that hopefully this new year will truly be the year...

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  1. I miss you, sweet girl. Have a Merry Christmas and I WILL see you soon. xoxo