Friday, December 6, 2013

Clearing A Path

 I'm a blogger and I have barely decorated for the holidays.
And it's December 6th.

The blogosphere is full and I mean insanely full of holiday decor.
Yes, laziness is a big part of it.
But the other is creating a pathway in the attic to get to the tree and the decorations.
So I have to use what stuff I find on the way to the tree to make space to get to it.
So I take the baubles and find somewhere to put it.
This one is an outside tree that I nurtured since she was a baby.
Her name is Alma, named after an old coworker that gave her to me as a present.
This plant was about as tall as my hand in one of those small table pots when I got her.
She is now as tall as I am!
Now she's all decked out.
...and I'm one step closer to the Christmas tree.
Hope I get there soon.
'Cause Christmas is almost here...

What about you...  Do you have my same problem?

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