Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wishlist- BIG TIME!

Everyone in blog land is putting up their wish lists.
So I'm going to do the same.

Hubby finally is SOMEWHAT on the bandwagon for building my studio space.
So I'm giddy with figuring out what I want it to be and I'm looking for ideas...

I don't know yet if I want it to be an extension like so.... 

Or if I want it free standing by itself like here: 

I kinda like this one that looks like a conservatory and can open up to our backyard forest.  ;)
This way, T can share the space with me and make it her studio too as she perfects her drawing and painting talents. It would give the both of us terrific natural lighting.
Oh my gosh!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE conservatories!
Look at all the images here on google!

Do you have pinterest?  
Because if so, you can check out all the wonderful ideas that I have for my studio space here
Go and follow me!  ;)

Do you know what really tops off this wish list?
I would like it to be self sustaining with solar panels to power it. 

Isn't this an absolutely frickin' amazing wish?!?
Is there a Santa out there?!?.........

If you have any other pictures, plans or suggestions in making this happen, please comment.
I'd really love to have more ideas before I start drafting the plans.  ;)

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