Saturday, January 25, 2014

Craft Haul

On my Saturday jaunts, I am always looking for crafting stuff.
Here is my score for today.

Yup!  I scored big!
There was this big bin and I made an offer for the lot of it.
There are some ribbons and tassles and cords. 
 There are buttons and pins and Velcro.
Along with the lot are also some bias tape and a tracing wheel.

I got more spools of ribbon and a couple of skeins of yarn.

I got a handful of fat quarters.  
Nice bright fabrics for baby quilts!  :)

There were some burlap and rich satins.

There were some heavier fabrics but also some beautiful embroidered organzas.

There were more fabrics with this batch having a little more modern print.

Some in the right colored chevrons.

...and a handful of silk flowers.

I even got a baby quilt with the lot.

Oh yea...  I even got some plaster of Paris to make some chalk paint with.
I've been wanting to try it forever but never got to buying some. 

And a curtain rod.  I found it in the bottom of the bin.

So....  Any guesses how much I got all of this for?

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  1. Wow that's a serious haul! Well done you. Love it, how fund to look through all the wonderful things you bought.

    Over from SDC linky party.