Monday, January 27, 2014

Old and New

Once upon a time, there was a world where letters came often.
A time when you anxiously awaited for your mail person
 to bring you news from a  dear friend or a loved one.

Those times are rare nowadays with the popularity of the internet.
...and all the social media platforms make it really easy to stay connected.

But really, there's nothing quite like the feeling...
of getting a hand written note.
Words spilling on carefully thought of sentences.
Beautiful handwriting by its author.
Time taken to write and put in the mail just for you.

This letter was extra special because it came within a package.
Wrapped carefully by its sender.
A beautiful gift remembering times of long ago.
And yet mixed with some hints of the present.
A picture that speak volumes...
Made even more special that it really spoke of me.

A gift to treasure because it came from the heart
.....and from a friendship that has spanned decades.

Thank you, dear friend...
It arrived to me safely.  :)

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