Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chore/Reminder Sticks

There's an easy pinterest craft that I've been wanting to make
...and with the boys away, it was a perfect project for me and T.

Responsibilities and time management are the hot topic here in our house.
...and for me, memory.  ;P
So with the labeler, she printed out their daily to-dos
And also all their weekend chores...
...and stuck them on the jumbo sticks.

...and depending on your household, each stick/chore can be worth a treat.
In our house, it's more computer time.
(But only on weekends).  ;)

We also made daily reminder sticks.
When your container has something in it,
then you know that you're forgetting something.
For now we're using cups because that is what we had
but we will add containers such as tin cans as we use and recycle.
When the boys get home,
we will decide how many points (time) each stick are worth depending on the chore.

Notice how "mommy" has one too?  ;)
What do you do in your home to keep your young'uns in check?
Or you?  ;)

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