Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Invite

A dear auntie of mine was married for the first time
at the beautiful age of 70something. 
She is so happy.
...and it is beautiful to see.

I told her that as a wedding present to them
I would help her out with some of her wedding preparations.

First things first,
the invitation.

cardboard stock
Small holed hole puncher

You print the wording onto the vellum paper.
I bought mine at Office Depot and then found out that Target Copy had them too.
They come in regular 8-1/2" x 11" sheets.
I also bought ribbon.
Its cheaper if you buy them by the spool.
I got the spools at Michaels.

I cut the cardboard stock exactly in half.

Then I got the wording printed two per vellum sheet;
then cut smaller than the cardboard stock.
I laid the vellum over the cardboard just the way I wanted it to look.
I then punched two holes on the top where I want the ribbon to go.
(The top picture shows you the template I made to make the hole cutting easier.)

 You will want to get a hole puncher that is smaller than the regular hole punch.
This heart one was all I had.
...and I know that it will be upside down
but that doesn't matter since the ribbon will cover it.

I then put the ribbon through both holes from the front.

You then pull one taught and out of the way 
for the other to be put through and bring it up to the front.

Do it to the other side and voila!

This pretty much shows you the basic guidelines to make your own invitation.
There are so many pretty ribbons out there and different sorts of papers.
You can also play around with different fonts.

Definitely more economical than the price for invitations nowadays!
I made our wedding invites too back on the day.
Who else out there made their own  also?

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  1. I didn't make my own wedding invitations but I make all others - birthday party invitations for my mother and my kids.