Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Making of a Stole

How long will it take?
That's the question I get asked often. 
 It's hard to answer because I hardly ever make just one.
So here's my process.

During my spare time.... 
Like while I'm waiting for T to get done with piano lessons,
I hand cut each letter to be appliquéd.

I have sleeves for each organization that are my regulars.

When there is an order, I buy a bolt of fabric.

I then cut it all out with my self made template.

Then I press them all.  (Help keeps the satin from sliding)

Then I sew all the initial seam.

Next is pressing them all open.

I  then decide which side I want to do first.  
It all depends on the client's design.
This particular one has their organization's letters.

I measure at the lapel and layout each letter.
When layout is just right, I iron on the fusible letters.

Now it is ready to be appliquéd.
Each letter is machine outlined.

Once completed, it is pressed and turned over right sides together.
The second seam is then sewn closing the sleeve.

It is turned right side up and pressed again.
...and put aside.

Now onto the other side.

Once the initial seam is sewn and it is pressed open,
measurements are made and marked as to where the embroidery goes.
...and it is then laid out on the embroidery hoop.

After configuring all the settings on the machine and 
previewing the layout on the fabric and the loop,
The embroidery begins.

I hate this part.
It takes soooo loooong!!
...and I can't leave it alone and have to watch every letter
in case the needle hits a snag.
...and we don't want it to do that because then it mis-aligns the machine
And that's pretty much done for the machine... 
And its off to the machine hospital.
Its so un-nerving!

And once it's done, I'm all like "oooh!!! Nice!" :)

Then its back to the ironing board  for pressing once again.
They are turned right sides together and sewn closed like the other side.
 It is then flipped over and pressed once again.
This is where I take the time ironing.
Because this is really where the stole take shape.

And once it is pressed just the way I like it,
I join the sides.

Then back again to the ironing board.
And everything is pressed once again to get all the last imperfections.

Once in a while, someone pays extra for a lovely message ;)

Now it is time for the cutting board where the bottom angles are measured and cut.

The angles are then sewn together and then once again pressed.

At this time the remaining un-sewn areas are sewn by hand...
At the bottom and by the neckline.

Then given the final pressing.
My iron and I are one at this point...  ;)

...and then the stoles are photographed. :)

So.... now you know!  ;)
That's how long it takes.  ;)

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  1. I know you've mentioned that they're a lot of work to make, but I had no idea how many steps were involved in the process! They look great! - Angelina