Sunday, August 24, 2014

Skipping 27

So I' m another year older...
The good news is, is that I skipped a whole year!
All of last year, I thought I was 28 ;)...
..and that I was turning 29.
But then hubs tells me that I am not turning 29 but 28!
So all of last year I was the wrong age...  At least in my brain!
I guess I could have done the math but I didn't.
So a year younger is a nice surprise!  :)

My birthday?....  Well, let's just say that it sure was memorable.
I was able to retreat and do a lot of soul searching.
I feel happier knowing the direction of certain paths of my life.
One of the things I've decided
is to let go and not worry about things I cannot control.
I just refuse to let things get me down.
So far, the cleansing is good!  ;)

But one thing I'm up and about with is what I am going to do with Area Code 352.
So if you have not been there yet, go take a gander!
Because I really want some feedback.
Should I keep at it?
I would really love to continue that blog and I really believe in its potential.
But it is just too costly.
...and much too time consuming to manage
 with its higher demand of website expertise.
I really don't know if I should stick with it...
Tell me what you think.

Also, there's so much that has happened since my birthday...
...that I still have to write about.
But just not enough time right now
so come on back and find out!  ;)
I should be writing more soon....promise!  ;)

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