Sunday, December 28, 2014

In Memory

"To lose a friend is hardship,
 but to forget them is as if you died too."
 This was our hand picked Christmas tree this year.  

Different from the past trees, 

It's a tradition every year to go to Sue and as a family, pick our live tree.

Still in the pot, it lives throughout the holidays 
and right after, we plant it on our property.

This year, we are planting this tree to remind us that
"in the midst of death, there is life"

"Remember the best times,
the laughter, the song"
One of our fondest family gathering memory is one bonfire weekend.

When the boys cut down a tall dead tree.
The stump is still there as a wonderful reminder of the past.

Just outside of the brush, within the reach of the stump's roots,
is where we planted Tad's tree.

It is beautiful.
It's bright and contrasting green color bringing life to its surroundings.

Just like its namesake
A brilliant surgeon,
a loving son,
a caring brother and friend,
a fun Uncle...

we miss you

but you are remembered.

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."
-Thomas Campbell

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