Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pillows and Things...

Absolutely loving all the sewing time that I have at the moment.
Sent out the last completed quilt in the mail yesterday 
and cannot wait until I hear word so that I can make a post here in the blog.

This is the back.
 I will show you the front when I confirm that they have received it.
It's a surprise.  :)

I have two other quilts in cue to make.
Here is the inspiration of the one that I am currently cutting and laying out...

In between blocks, I am making pillows.

I am trying to increase my Etsy listings as much as I can while I am on break.

I know that when I go back to work after the new year 
I will not have any time to sew again for a while.
Today and tomorrow is time with the sewing machine.

Then on to some wood working making some signs.

My mixed media signs were a hit this Christmas!

Stay tuned for my Mixed Media Gifts section in Etsy coming soon!

By the way, remember the crochet project that I started?

I never did get it right so I made the rest up.
But T likes it.   :)

I then started another one... but I didnt quite get it right either...

but S2 still liked it.
,,,and it is warm!

Hope your days are as productive!
...and hope that you are enjoying this wondrous season.
Happy New Year to you!

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