Monday, January 19, 2015

Wood Working Weekend

What a weekend!
In an attempt to stay true to my new year resolutions, I started tackling the garage.
Not a whole lot of people have seen my garage...
This is why...

And this is in its somewhat clean slate.
I wanted to share it with you now 
because putting it out there in the airwaves 
means that I now have got to clean it...
 and make it better.
It's now a mission  to prove that I can do this.
Good news is that the hubs says that I can have the space!!! 
All of this garage space will be the new home for ECK Design!  :)
So that is incentive!  

That garage door?  It's coming down eventually!  I cant wait!
...and maneuvering around its hardware is a pain...

So for now I started on the opposite side and corner...
away from its hardware.

As I design and build, I also have to declutter and organize.
I decided to build an armoire to start.
 This cabinet will house my antique luggage that holds some of my fabric.

I wanted to make sure that I make this new haven functional and bright
and also in keeping with my personality and ECK Design's sustainablility efforts.

All the the materials for this space will be reclaimed, salvaged supplies.
I had so much fun making this
because part of the design process was working with what I had.

This was all I came up with for now. 
Hopefully I will get to putter around during the week.

Stay tuned!  

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