Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sebastian's Quilt

Remember the quilt I talked about here?
Well I showed you the back of it and it looked like this.

Well they received it!  YEAY!
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But anyways, here are the pics that his mom sent me
of the quilt in situ in his room.

I am so glad it goes so well with his furniture!  
I put this quilt together not knowing nursery colors and style.
Can you see Sebastian's picture on his shelf?
He has a teddy bear bonnet on!
...and my quilt design has different teddy bears featured!!  :)
So glad everything ends well..  :)

I'll post a pic of him on his quilt when I receive his pic!  :)

For any of you wanting a personalized custom quilt made,
I am currently taking orders now.
They make terrific gifts 
but are also a wonderful keepsake
 that can be passed down the generations!
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