Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Roxy, You are Home. In Loving Memory

Today the rooms of K Manor are echoing louder
The stillness filling every corner.
The house's spirit very respectful of our loss.
Even the sun seems to set a little lower over our little forest.
Bowing its head, mindful, it seems, of our heavy hearts.
She was our little alpha.
Constantly on guard.
Always, a watchful eye towering over heads at her place atop the stairs.

Outside in the manor grounds, she was beautiful.
Hair once black and white slowly turned to grey.
But her youthful heart still ever present in her walk.
Trotting like a proud show horse.

7:41AM today, time stood still at the animal clinic.
As we held her in our arms until her last shallow breath.
She joins her brother now
Where they can both watch over us together once again.

Go home, little girl, go home...
Go to K Manor, now....
For it is not the hexagonal rooms 
filled with furniture telling of a bygone era.
It is not the food that always seem to appear in abundance during any gatherings.
It is not the beauty of the growing trees in the orchard where dogs roam free.
It is not the vines that grow prolific up the windows...

It is the laughter that you hear ringing even when the guests have all gone...
It is the fireside chatter that lingers after the bonfire has died out.
It is the captured smile of the planter as his trees bear fruits.
It is the smell of jasmine even in the cold of winter.
It is the singing and the music and the dancing that remain in the hollows of the walls.
It is all the stories
 of the joys and laughter, 
the tears and sorrows, 
the struggles and accomplishments
and the barking of playful dogs.
It is all of this that gives life to the spirit of the house.
This is what makes K Manor a home.
It is our Home Sweet Home.

Our dearest, little girl, Roxy...
Come home now where your spirit will always be.
Continue to watch over all of us and guide us as you always did..
For you will always be with us
and forever be in all of our hearts.
You are Home.



  1. beautiful thoughts Ellen.We have many precious memories and Roxy is part of them