Saturday, May 30, 2015

Love from All Over

The best thing about my day job
 are the students that I see everyday.

I find myself lucky that they come to me for guidance...

or for an ear to listen...

 a shoulder to cry on...

or surprisingly enough to get a stern lecture.

For most of them,
I see them grow through their years in college.

Often meeting them when they start as a freshman

and seeing them through until they graduate.

After the 14 years that I have been working with ambassadors,
I have acquired many "kids".  :)

 They are all over the world....
from Priscilla in Sweden to Foong who is almost in my back yard...

 Many are now mothers

or proud fathers

and all successful in their own ways... 

and I am always proud of all of them...

I cherish these friendships that have continued through time...

for there is never a period that I feel forgotten...

To all of you that find your time to visit, 

to email, to call, to text, to write, to update me on your lives,

that continue to share with me your joys...
struggles... and sorrows..

I appreciate you all in my life.

...and I am always proud as ever
to be called your "second mom."

Thank you all for the love!  
I am humbled.

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  1. How beautiful, Ellen. And what a great way to make a difference!