Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Taking Orders

The Valle quilt is finished and waiting to be shipped to go home.  :)
It is a big quilt at 72" x 96".
I had to hang it down from the 2nd floor balcony.

If you followed the making here
you would know that it started out with the mid section first.
(taken without flash)

The top 2 shirts in light blue backing were from her elementary school.
The one shirt with the yellow backing is from her middle school
and the shirts with the grey backing are from her highschool.
The 6 shirts in the mid section are from her college.
The lone shirt on the bottom is post college.
The four extra shirts flanking the bottom sides were added after 
to complete her college experience. 

It was hard to capture the quilting from far..

But here it is up close with some light justification to see the design more clearly.

With this completed, I am now again taking orders.  
Click here and it will take you to my Etsy
where it will tell you about my policies and fees.
These make wonderful gifts for a lifetime.
For all of you athletes with all of your competition shirts,
these are a great way to preserve them and show them off too!
For all of you moms, all of your little one's sports tees would make
an awesome quilt souvenir that can be displayed!

Hit me up either through my Etsy here...
or email me at eckdesign2@(at)

I'd love to make your memory quilt!  :)
 Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. Ellen -- I love the quilt! It's so pretty and it literally looks store bought because everything is perfectly pieced together. Great job, Ellen. Thank you for your time and talent!