Wednesday, October 7, 2015

100 Sales and Welcome Phi Mu!

Yesterday, my Etsy reached its 100th sale!
Although I opened shop a handful of years ago, 
it is just the past couple of years that I really started putting more effort 
in production and listing.

I am now licensed for 10 sororities with the newest addition of Phi Mu!
Welcome, Welcome!
Check out this pillow here in my Etsy!

Slowly but surely and word is getting out about me... yeay!
Again, I do want to thank all those that have been extremely supportive.

Special thanks goes to the following:
MomK for the endless supply of recyclable fabrics and materials and 
the unlimited use of her gammill machine.
To T for ALL the help with the stuffing and sewing of the pillows.
To RA for her help and suggestions on how to market to sororities.
To RD for all her social media help and suggestions 
and lastly to S2 just because he says that he must be helping me with something
and that I should not forget him.... he does give me good hugs!  :)  

Thank you, Thank you to all!
I really am ready for the next 100 sales....
my next goal is to attend some of the founder days or other events 
where I can set up a booth.
If you are a greek, invite me or give me heads up! :)

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