Monday, November 9, 2015

Greys & Blues

Lots of sewing being done in the PM lately.
Between soccer and piano, we haven't been at home much.
 Really glad for the extra day (because of homecoming) to get a day off from work.

I worked on this lovely grey and blue commissioned quilt.
Sorry the pictures are dark but this is best that I can do at night.  

The client wanted pictures on it,
and what an ordeal I had with printing on the photo transfers!
Did you know that most of the copy places no longer have real ink?

The ink discovery made me nervous 
since I wanted to make sure that the images don't fade too much over time.
So we printed and reprinted on the old inkjet...   
For you crafters out there, you may want to hang on to your inkjet printers!
(The photo transfers have been blurred purposely for privacy...)

The weather here in Florida is still hot, muggy and rainy.
So it does not surprise me that T is sick...
Am glad for another day at home for me, though...

Stay tuned for the completed quilt.
I sent it off today.
Hope they like it!

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