Thursday, November 12, 2015

Up to My Ears!

I know I promised to send the boxes earlier

but I am having problems with the individual packages.
 To make it easier for our caretaker to give out at the school

I wanted it organized by grade.
And I wanted each child to have their own goodie bag.
 Problem is that I am waaaay too short of boys clothes.

I wanted each child to have a toy, a book and an outfit
 but there are not enough boys clothes.  :(

So it has to wait a little until I can get more boys clothes.
But I wanted to let all those that donated to know that I am trying to get this sent, really!

I mean, look at my house!  Everything is all over the place!! O_O
Husband is kinda fed up with the stuff...
Anyone have boys stuff they no longer need?
I need it yesterday....   ;oP

Will keep you all posted!
But message me if you're local and got some boy stuff!
Great way to clean out before the gift giving season! 

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