Friday, March 4, 2016

Celebrating 50 First Adventure!

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 If you are not a new reader, 
then you would know that I sent an email out to a select group of people.
Read Here.
 Asking to propose an adventure
of which I will do during my 50th year of life.

Within the hour of sending the email,
and within minutes of each other, 
I got 2 emails from 2 different people,
that I've known from 2 different stages of my life.

One is an old student and friend of mine
and the other is another good friend and a mother, like me.

The first adventure proposal went as such: 
Run a half marathon.
 If you're feeling risky join me for the XXXX marathon in January next year. :-)
Running has become my escape from life 
where I can be just me and be free of any stress or obligations. 
This adventure is both health positive and gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. 
And of course, I'd be happy to guide you along the way. 


The second email received within minutes was this:

I will take that offer and challenge you to run a 5K with me.
.Like I said run together, I will stay with you until you hit goal. 
If you like, I can push it to a half marathon. Let me know.

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And so it seems that my first adventure is to run.  
I am not promising a marathon but the goal is to run.
If I do well enough that I can make a 5K run then that will be fantastic.
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So...  to start my list:
Celebrating 50 Adventures
1.  Run (and try for a 5K)

Stay tuned for an upcoming blogpost 
as I already have adventure 2!

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