Thursday, May 19, 2016

From Here to There

K Manor is has its own 100+ acre woods.  :)
We are lucky enough to be bordered on the back by a state preserve.
We have all the wonderful goodness of having our own little forest.
But what forest doesn't have its scary story..... its eerie stuff... its creepy crawlies?
This is also the reason why the first thing that went up 
after building K Manor was the dog run.
Well there is this small little path that takes you from the manor to the run.

But it needed much attention.
I blogged about it here 4 years ago... 

The ground at a certain part had already sunken in from the heavy traffic.
We had to get some dirt from other parts to fill it in.
Here's the hubs with that task.  :)

Well I've had this path on my project list for a while now.
And I finally started working on it.

I only got halfway done...

but it is looking better already....

What do you think?

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