Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Hero

The phone rang early this morning. 
 It was my mom.
"V!"  She always calls me by my middle name when she is excitable or upset.
"V!  Come over here ASAP!  Your dad is on a ladder outside.
I have tried everything to get him down and he won't listen to me!
That's it!  I'm done with him!  Come over here and talk to him!"

So I did.
Still half asleep I went over there in my pajamas.
When I got there, mom shooed me to the back yard.
Sure enough there he was up high on the ladder
trying to harvest some calamansi fruits.

I yelled at him and told him to come down,
I told him that this is why they need to live closer to me.
I need to be able to keep an eye on them.

He knew  I was mad.
He got down the ladder and I lifted the metal thing as if it weighed nothing.
I picked it up and threw it over the fence...
and told him I was taking it home with me.

And as I pushed it in the car,
I started crying.
I thought of Daddy.
Of how much he loved gardening,
Of how he has always been my hero.  
My knight in shining armor that always protected me.
And now i am afraid that any little thing, any fall, could be devastating to him.
I felt so helpless.
And so scared.

And so I did the only thing that I could do.
I went back to the car and took the ladder out.
I drove home and packed up all my gardening tools.
And went to him and said, " I will help you get your calamansi."

He said no.  He was mad at me.
I didn't blame him but i went on the ladder and started cutting and pruning the trees.
Bringing the heavy laden boughs down.
As I swayed on the ladder, he came out to make sure I was okay.

And he silently sat near me as I continued to cut the limbs.
Watching over me as always...

It was a tiring day.
An unexpected workout.
But so very much a heartwarming experience.
I am glad I went.
And that I stopped to think....
of him... and his feelings... and his helplessness.

Oh Daddy, I love you so much.
You will always be my hero and my strength.

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  1. Your best post ever. EVER. May God always protect your dad and keep him safe. May His blessings always be upon you and your family.