Friday, April 14, 2017

Guess What's For Lunch... and for Dinner?

Remember the garden survivors from the brief frost we had?
I talked about it on my last post (click here).

Well look how GINORMOUS (yes, it's a word.... in my dictionary.  ;oP)
they are now!
... and they are in containers!

To give you perspective,
here is how large the leaves are compared to my hand.
 ...and its babies?...
these don't look like babies...

..and no folks, these aren't watermelon.
(at least that's what the nursery said!  O_O)

But for dinner tonight?
We are having broccoli!

The florets are a little on the small side...
But it's plenty enough for a family of 4!

S2 loves it with melted cheddar.

...and for lunch?
I'm going to satisfy my udon craving...
After all, I just harvested my first ever bokchoy!! 

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