Friday, April 28, 2017

Alexander Quilt

The nursery colors are blue and green to mimic the globe.
The theme is "Oh the Places you will go!".

I started with a light background
to contrast the purple letters of his name.
I wanted his name to stand out
 so I wanted it different from the rest of the other letters.

Then I started on the globe.
The actual sphere and map was not difficult.
But the metal stand that holds the globe was crazy hard!
I wasted about 2 yards of fusible stabilizer and fabric.
I did it 3 times before I finally got it to look decent.

The red lettering was another issue.
I learned my lesson.
I will never again have so many letters in a quilt.
and at that small font size!  O_O

Then the quilting.
Just a simple meander stitch.
Here's the back.
(name crossed out for security reasons) 
 Don't mind the hubby at the back. LOL!

Finished quilt:  51" x 45"

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